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Environmental concept

Tianyuan textile invested many times over the years to carry out energy-saving environmental protection transformation. Has always been in strict accordance with national standards to deal with various types of life and industrial water.

April 2011 Tianyuan Textile invested heavily in recovery of large air compressor waste heat, and heat will be converted to warm, so that the whole plant in winter warm as spring.

In May 2014, Tianyuan Textile replaced all the motors with the most advanced environmentally friendly and energy-saving motors in one go.

March 2015, Tianyuan textile one-time all the entire plant photo lighting all transformed into LED energy-efficient lighting.

Quality concept

Only A grade

Tianyuan Textile since its inception, depending on the product quality of life, never the product is divided into one, two, A, B, found any flaws, once confirmed can not be salvaged, and immediately entered the retirement process, never the product points Level to sell.

Management concept

Decentralization: trust every employee.

Focus on quality: Respect for everyone who has a margin of the fabric.

Focus on affection: get along with employees for a long time, like a family.

Strict system: the system before everyone is equal, abide by the system, the company can go further.

Service philosophy

Spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes, slender inch inch heart. Tianyuan textile intentions service every contact Tianyuan fabric users, I can best, adequate for their needs.

Development Vision

Do the best high-end fabric suppliers

Tianyuan textile pays attention to fabric quality and product research and development, with more than 20% monthly new products. It never pursues fashion and trend, because Tianyuan casual fabric has always been at the forefront of fashion and fashion. Tianyuan textile actively participate in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States Fabric Expo, exchange research and development experience with their peers to learn new fabric development process. Strive to develop a hundred percent to meet the needs of consumers around the world various fabrics.